Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Firsts of March

March went by fast! Here are a few milestones...

First Daffodil – March 31 First Little League Practice – March 28
First Forced Magnolia – March 30 First Forced Forysythia – March 23
First Peony pokes - March 12 First Robin spotted – March 16 First weeds - probably always there. First earthworm spotted – March 14 First spinach germination- March 27 Peas planted – March 28 First Purple Crocus – March 25 (striped ones came Mar. 10) First fully clothed kid with their head in the hose (this is not a photo from this year, but it happened this past week and looked pretty much like this) First afternoon iced coffee – March 28 What’s happening for the first time this year around your place?


tina said...

You have the same weeds as me. And I have to agree-always there. Lots of firsts for you-April will bring even more I bet.

Louise @ Buddy Garden said...

No first blooms for me yet. I planted some hyacinths in pots back in Fall. No signs of blooms anytime soon! I'm planning on starting seeds outside soon. That will be my first.

Karen said...

First feeling like winter will finally go away, first blooms from various bulbs planted last fall whose varieties I already forgot, first daffodils and still waiting for more! Love March, especially on a day like today when the storms have abated and the sun is shining!

tut-tut said...

Peonies voted most exciting here!

Joanne said...

Wow, you've got me beat by a mile! Let's see, we've had:

First Crocus
First Robin
First Earthworm
First Red-Winged Blackbird!

I think that's about it for March! Hopefully April will bring much more :)

our friend Ben said...

Love the log, Jen! We had first crocuses yesterday (followed by first hail, sob), first signs of peony and bleeding-heart shoots too. Lots of robins and daffodil buds but no daffs blooming yet. First hellebores, snowdrops, winter aconites, Siberian squill-in-waiting. Eaverything's gearing up to pop!

Squirrel said...

first earthworm Yay!

Mayberry said...

The only thing we have so far are the first peony pokes, and I am so thrilled to see them!

gogreen said...

the photo titled

First Peony pokes

i find this filled with hope and renewal

Pam J. said...

What IS that weed? I've spent hours, well maybe not hours but it feels that way, trying to find out what it is. I have so much of it in my yard and garden beds. Fortunately, it's very easy to pull out in the spring. But what IS it? It's made me think that humans have an intense need to label things. (Or at least THIS human has that need.)

Jimena said...

I have no garden of my own but work in a buiding sorrounded by beautiful tropical trees and flowers. I don´t have any firsts around here just beautiful rain and high river tides! Your firsts are a feast to the eyes. Thank you!
Love, Jimena

JGH said...

Tina, Pam J and I are trying to find out the name of my weed. If anyone would know, you would!

Louise, thanks for visiting! Hope you'll post photos of your hyacinths when they come out. I tried some muscari in a pot this year but no luck.

Karen, I've been really bad about noting varieties. It's one of my New Year's resolutions to take better note of varieties and botanical names.

Tut, love the look of the little red peony "fingers" when they reach out.

Joanne, you do have me beat with your red-winged blackbird. I'd love to see one of those soon.

Ben, you're gonna have some major color! Thanks for reminding me to check my bleeding heart - I don't think it came up this year !!

Squirrel - I saw some cuter baby worms but didn't have my camera. I'll catch em one of these days.

Mayberry,hang in there. I'm sure you'll see more soon.

Go Green - the peonies definitely symbolize hope for me. It took them 3 years to bloom!

Pam J - I'm also dying to know the weed name. Let's research.

Jimena - thanks for visiting. I bet you have gorgeous plants around your building. BTW I copied the Elva diary for you and will mail soon. Xox

. said...

CARDAMINE HIRSUTA, a.k.a. Hairy Bitter Cress.
It just so happened that I pulled about a hundred out of our cobbled path yesterday.
Like yourself, I was curious to know what my enemy of the day was called :-)

JGH said...

Excellent Jo! I must let Pam J know. I'm embarrassed to say I looked at weed websites for almost an hour last night and didn't find anything definitive. Thanks for stopping by!

Pam J. said...

Hairy bitter cress! God bless Jo and JGH. Now I can move on to my next important fact-finding mission.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I know each month has a lot of firsts...especially during months of change from winter to spring, etc. BUT I am usually too busy or too lazy to bother to write those 'firsts' down so I can remember them later! You've given a good reminder to me to try to do this. It's nice to look back and see how things change from year to year...and it's also funny to see how things stay the same (as in, 'antics by the kids!!'

JGH said...

Hi Jan - thanks for visiting! I've never been very good at writing stuff down, either. I thought blogging might help me keep better track. Now I can come back and look at this post next year and compare.