Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Foliage Peak Week in Nyack

My friends and family down in Florida get a little jealous of us this time of year.  I’m convinced that we live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world during the last two weeks of October and can’t resist showing it off a little.  This map at shows where fall foliage is peaking in different parts of the world, and it’s looking like this is just about prime time for Nyack and the rest of the Hudson Valley.  Here a few spots to scope it out nearby - follow the links for more info: 

1)  Hook Mountain – You can access the trail within Rockland Lake State Park or park along the side of the road on 9W and take a short, steep hike to the top of Hook Mountain for a large-scale view of the river and a good part of the Hudson Valley.  

2)   Nyack Beach State Park– at the end of North Broadway in Nyack is the entrance to this park, which features a path along the water’s edge.

3)   Mountainview Nature Park– travelling north on Rt. 303  just a little bit north of Rt. 59, you can find the entrance to this park by making a right just before the old Journal News building onto Greenbush, then a short left on Strawberry Hill.   If you hit KIA you’ve gone too far.  Such a gem and hard to believe it's 200 yards from the Thruway.

4)   Nyack Rural Cemetery – Park at the west end of Nyack Lumber on Rt. 59 and walk down the path.

5)  Buttermilk Falls State Park– entrance is on North Greenbush Road, and can also be accessed through the Rockland Center for the Arts’ nature trail.

6)  The Esposito Trail – There are lots of places in Nyack to catch this path.  I like to park on Brookside, and walk south toward the Thruway – it will take you all the way to Sparkill if you let it.

7)  Rockland Lake State Park Accessed easily by 9W, there is a 3.2 mile paved trail here, as well as trails that connect to Hook Mountain and Nyack Beach.

What about your own backyard?  Can I add a photo of your fiery plot or favorite spot?  Email it to me at and I’ll add it to this post, which will be part of Dave’s Fall Color Project at The Home Garden blog. 

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tina said...

Gosh I think you live in a beautiful area of the country all the year round. The mountains and scenery are simply wonderful. I love your fall color.

Anna Flowergardengirl said...

Oh yes, you sure do live in the most grand area to peek at colorful leaves. I enjoyed my 2 years living there. NC is just as grand minus the Hudson River.

TALON said...

I just bask in all the autumn glory. The leaves are mostly down here...the remaining ones are even more precious now. I dread grey November now...

Joanne said...

We're close to peak here too. It's such a beautiful time of year, I wish it lasted longer. Enjoy :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

You live in a very beautiful area. I miss walking in parks during autumn when the leaves turn red while I was living in Japan many years ago. I wish I can fly and visit your place.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Some great scenery! I really like the photo with the creek in it. Very tranquil with the changing leaves.

Patti Lacy said...

WHAT a COOOL BLOG! And you will even post our pix???


Definitely a breath of fresh air after the stale cave environment.

Will soon start counting down the days.

But thanks for the lovely pictures.
I can at least DREAM!!!


Randy Emmitt said...

Really enjoyed your leaves, looking forward to seeing more. Here in central NC they happen but nothing like the mountains and up your way.

JGH said...

Tina, I think I need to do do another post- everywhere I look, another photo op!

Anna, I was once in Asheville this time of year, and yes, it's gorgeous there, too. What about your mountain house?

Talon, we still have all our leaves - quite a few are still green. I have a cherry tree in my front yard that hasn't turned yet. When it does, I know we've hit our fall peak.

Joanne, funny how the leaves can be so beautiful one day, and the next, GONE.

Malay-Kadazan- I bet Japan is gorgeous, too. I was there once, but not during the fall. Really enjoyed the garden there, though.

Dave, I like your "project" - looking forward to seeing your shots and the others' too.

Patti - what stale cave? Are you holed up writing somewhere?

Randy, thanks for visiting. I wonder if I appreciate it more because I lived down south for most of my life. I don't see how the lifelong residents of the northeast could get sick of it, though!